About Us

Our Vision

What else one can aim with 15 years of experience?

Excellence and Efficiency.

We seek efficiency and smoothness in our processing and client servicing. Our process is easy to go and hassle free. Our visa experts will listen to your requirement and will provide you complete details regarding documentation, charges, accommodation, institute details, the best place to live in, and almost everything you need to settle down in a foreign country.

Our vision is to seek excellence in our business and field we are operating in.

We visualize our self as the best Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad and across Gujarat in the coming 5 years.

We see SiEC as the synonym of ‘Visa Consultancy Services’ across Gujarat.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach as more people as possible looking forward to flying to foreign destinations; be it for study purpose or to feel wanderlust.

We want to provide the best and genuine service with complete transparency and affordable pricing.

We seek smoothness, fluency, transparency, trustworthiness, efficiency, and effectiveness in our services. We believe that if our service is fluent and transparent as well as cost effective- sales will flourish on its own.

Every business operates with the core aim of profit. We too operate with the same motto but with a twist.

We seek profits along with quality service!

Do Not Go by Our Words: Try Us

As we all know- It is easier said than done..

Why do not you try us?

If you are looking forward to getting student visa services in Ahmedabad or Gujarat, or if you want to travel abroad with visitor visa, reach us now at info@siec-overseas.com or contact us- 8160204229

Our visa consultants and experts will assist you with your queries instantly.

You are always welcome to visit our office- Contact Us